Himachal tourism festival

Summer Festival is one of the famous festivals of the hills of Himachal. The people of Himachal embrace the warmth of the summers with the celebration which is known as the summer festival. The celebration is marked by a joyous gathering of the men and women and the revelry can be witnessed by merry singing and dancing. They pay homage to the Gods and Goddesses for the blessings of rich harvest. This celebration is symbolic of the rich cultural heritage of the country and its diverse festivities. The summer festival is especially celebrated in the regions of Shimla, Dharamshala, and Dalhousie.

Dhungri Mela and winter carnival are famous festivals of Manali. Minjar Fair of Chamba, Chintapurni Fair in Chintapurni, Naina Devi Fair celebrated in Naina Devi in Bilaspur and Nalwari Fair of Bilaspur and Lohri in Paragpur of Kangra District are some of the well-known tourism festivals that attract a lot of curious travelers.

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