Travel tips for Himachal

Any trip or tour involves quite a lot of preparation since days ahead and Himachal Pradesh is not an exception.
• Please do not forget to carry adequate ID proofs before travelling. These would be required for check-in in hotels and might be required to enter certain protected areas.
• All travel documents associated with the trip such as hotel booking confirmation and travel tickets be it bus or flight should be placed together ready at hand. If you have planned an itinerary, it is wise to keep it and pack it with luggage and be kept handy.
• Check the weather conditions including the weather forecast prior to travelling and pack your clothes, sweaters, jackets and shoes accordingly. Umbrellas, windcheaters, torches and mosquito repellents along with medicines and first aid are a must. Since Himachal is a hilly region with winding mountain pathways, travelling can engender motion sickness for those who suffer from it. Hence anti-vomiting meds are a must.
• Check and read all reviews of hotels and properties before you book if you don’t have anybody personally recommending you a property. Also, check the cancellation policies and suitability of visiting or staying in the property with families if you are traveling along with family.
• Respect the local traditions and customs. Do not ever show disrespect to any ritual. This might hurt the sentiments of the local people and they might henceforth refuse to cooperate in times of need. It is advisable to maintain a courteous distance and not to try and be over-friendly to the locals or inhabitants.
• Keep all emergency numbers ready at hand. Maintain a digital copy of all important documents such as IDs you are carrying.
Check and get your vehicle services before attempting to drive on the hilly terrains in your own vehicles. Also check whether all your vehicle papers are up-to-date and properly maintained, including the pollution certificates, driving license and insurance papers.

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