Weather In Manali


Weather in Manali is cool, cold and super cold according to seasons. It is visited by eager bursts of tourists all through the year. The weather of this Himalayan hill station is a primary reason why tourists love to visit Manali all through the year.

Before visiting a tourist spot it is mandatory that you collect information on the weather and climate of the destination. That helps a traveller to prepare against all odds to escape unpleasant surprises while on visit. For example, if you are visiting Manali in summers and are carrying only light woollens and suddenly the unpredictable weather conditions decide to shower a burst of untimely snow due to depression, the situation can be quite tricky. You might even have to go for a local woollen shopping spree if there are children and older people in the group. The magic of the mountains are never-ending but you should also take into consideration the bursts of nature’s fury and weather related hazards while planning for a trip to any particular destination.

To be safe from the vagaries of nature, we should avoid visiting Manali in the monsoon season. Even if you are young and energetic, you might never know what to do if you get hit by an occasional landslide due to heavy rains in the monsoon season. Your journey might get delayed, you might get stranded midway anywhere even for days without the basic necessities and you might also fail to return if roads get heavily affected en route. Thus if you are an adventurer at heart, do plan your vacations accordingly. We should never forget that our courage and bravery do not stand a chance against the nature’s mighty plans of destruction and ravages.

The most pleasant weather exhibited by Manali is during the months of March and April in the spring season, when the climate might be a bit on the cooler side but overall it will be very enjoyable. The trees and mountain plants find a new lease of life in the mild weather of spring and birds and animal find relief and escape from the harsh mountain winters. So enjoy the splendid spring in the Manali hills in proper harmony and peace with nature. The temperatures hover around 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

The weather is also very mild in the months of October and November during the season of retreating monsoons. The temperature during the autumn or Fall months varies between 10 and 20 degrees. The autumn temperatures with its mild winters and festivities all around in North India with lots of holidays in schools and offices make for an ideal time to visit the bewitching beauty of Manali Hills. You can easily create cherishing moments while you relish the delicious weather and enjoy the exquisite beauty.

Manali gets its requisite quota of rainfall in the monsoons and the terrains are wet and slippery. Manali is not at all suitable for outdoor activities in the rainy months. The number of tourists visiting Manali also dips in the rainy season.

In the winter months, Manali sees a lot of snowfall and the place is bathed in a purest of pure layer of breathless white snow. Tourists and travellers flock to Manali with the desire to watch snowfall. Outdoor winter activities form a primary attraction for tourists. The adventure lovers enjoy adrenalin rush through activities such as skiing, snow biking, snowboarding and a host of other innocent sports such as a ride on yak or a slide over the snowy slopes in a giant tyre or simply throwing snowballs at each other and tramping on the frozen valleys in a snow boot and wearing thick woollens. The sun rise or the sun set across the frozen mountain ranges across the shimmering snow cover at Gulaba or at Solang Valley is mesmerizing. Snow Point and Solang valley offers fun-filled day trips from the main hub of Manali.

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