Weather In Shimla

Shimla is most visited in the summer months of March to June. The weather during summer months is cool and people form most parts of India flock to Shimla to enjoy the charm of the cool weather. It brings a pleasant respite from the heat of the plains. The temperature varies from 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. Tourists enjoy the flavour of mountain activities such as paragliding, trekking, hiking, river side camping and river rafting. Snowfall happens in January mostly. Then continues in sporadic bursts throughout the months of February till March. Some lucky tourists may encounter snowfall even in December end. The months of March to June is suitable for outdoor activities.

Shimla is resplendent in the winter months especially during Christmas and New Year and buzzes with a mixed crowd of people from far and near who flock in to celebrate the festivities. The hill station receives moderate snowfall and is alluring to the tourists who want to enjoy the splendour of snow fall. There is hardly any snowfall in the beginning of December. The snow season calls for a boot and lot of hiking. The air remains crisp and clear and the fresh mountain air provides the much needed zeal and enthusiasm to scour through the flora and fauna of the high Himalayas. Shimla is attractive for tourists throughout the year. It is a buzzing hill station that draws in all kinds of crowds both international and domestic. During the peak winter months, Shimla sees tourists and travellers who relax, eat, drink and make merry and fill the hill station with mirth and joy.

The months of April and May offer a pleasant climate with a mild cool weather. People enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities. River rafting, trekking and hiking form some enjoyable outdoor activities and allows tourists to explore the untainted charm of the hills and the outskirts of Shimla. Soon follows the monsoon season with heavy rains in sporadic bursts throughout the months of July and August and continues in occasional showers even in the month of September. Monsoon months see a lot less number of tourists as the mountain roads are considered not so safe for driving. The winding roads and turns and twists become risky on account of being wet and slippery. Also people travelling to Shimla might get trapped in the hotels and not venture out at all. The hotel prices however get slashed drastically and you can find good deals for stay and other packages.

Shimla is a fun place to visit all through the year with family, friends or that special someone. This popular destination is maddeningly crowded with lots of foreign tourists. But weather in the hills might also be unpredictable. One day you might get a bright sunny view and the next day it might just get very cloudy. If one wants to get a clear view of the mountains, early morning is the best. As the day progresses, the mountains get shrouded by haze, fog, dust and smog. The view gets hazier. Four-wheel drive is suggested through the high-latitude terrains during monsoons or snowfall. As you skim through the lesser populated areas of the hills a little away from the centre of the buzzing Shimla mall and city centre, you will be able to see the untouched beauty and glory of the giant firs, deodars, the shady avenues, dark fruit groves, screeching of crickets even at day time where even the sunlight doesn’t reach the soil and you will feel the peace of the mountain jungles.

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