Best Time To Visit Shimla

Shimla is a mesmerizing hill station and the state capital of Himachal. It is an ideal destination for single travellers, adventurers, family fun and group tours. The weather is amazing and suitable for tourists throughout the year. Summer season in Shimla is very pleasant and the temperature hovers around 20 degrees. The busiest or the peak tourist season in Shimla stretches from the month of March and extends throughout the summer season till June. The cool climes of Shimla along with the melting snow makes the weather alluring for the travellers who desire an escape from the heated Indian plains. The monsoon months of July and August make the roads of the Shimla hills treacherous and a bit unsafe for road travel along the winding hill roads. The autumn and the winter months are cooler. Post September, the weather starts becoming colder and it starts snowing occasionally by the mid or end of December and tourists flock in the peak winter months in the hope to view the mesmeric snow fall. Shimla makes for a lovely getaway for winter sports such as trekking, paragliding, skiing, and various other winter adventure sports. Shimla is an extremely popular destination for both domestic and international travellers and, be it any season, Shimla doesn’t cease to surprise its visitors with its magnificence and ethereal beauty. Each season presents something unique for the travellers to enjoy and it has a cluster of beautiful destinations in and around that completes the vacation with variety of splendour.

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Monthly Breakup of Tourist Climate of Shimla

March to June

These few months are the most popular season when the exams in schools all over India get over and the beautiful balanced pleasant weather of spring makes vacations in Shimla fun-filled. Shimla bustles with various outdoor activities such as paragliding, trekking, camping and rafting. The temperature ranges from a cool 15°C to about 30°C. it is advisable to carry comfy trekking/hiking shoes to go around the hill paradise. Also, it is advisable to carry light woollens which are usually needed early morning and at night. Tourists feel this is the best time of the year to visit Shimla. The chilly nip in the air is missing and it is a peasant respite from the scorching summer heat in most other places throughout the country. Shimla is rightly looked upon as the summer capital of India as it was since the British times.

July to September

The monsoon months are the least popular as people avoid going to the hills on account of heavy rainfall and landslides. But if one ventures to the Shimla hills during the wet monsoon months, one can enjoy the rain washed pure greenery and opulent streams gurgling down the mountain sides. Also, since this is not the peak tourist season one can have very good deals on hotels.

October to February

This is the time to take a chill pill and delve into the cool snow of Shimla. Snowfall starts occurring in December and continues till February. The skiing across the snowy slopes, the snow rides and various other winter sports make Shimla a go-getter even in the cold winter months. The temperature drops to sub-zero levels and one needs to carry heavy woollens, boots and woollen headgears while visiting Shimla during winters. Shimla turns a magical white sheet for eager vacation loving tourists to enjoy the breathless beauty.

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