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In order to provide you the most unadulterated and freeing experience of your life, Mashobra, a beautiful green expanse in Himachal Pradesh, is nestled away at a height of roughly 7700 feet.

For those looking for a quiet little hill-station, Mashobra is a great alternative because of its proximity to Shimla. Come to Mashobra if you want a relaxing weekend getaway or a week-long holiday because there are just about enough resorts here and enthralling natural beauty.

Places to visit Mashobra

Reserve Forest Sanctuary

You simply cannot miss one of Asia’s greatest watersheds, which supplies Shimla with water, if you travel to Mashobra. In addition to being well-known across the continent and having a beautiful coniferous canopy all around it, the Reserve Forest Sanctuary is a must-see for birdwatchers.


Craignano is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mashobra due to its incredible natural beauty. At a height of roughly 7700 feet, it is situated.

WildFlower Hall Hotel

This structure, which was once constructed as Lord Kitchener of Khartoum’s home, is claimed to have been Lord Ripon’s favourite getaway. The structure was destroyed by fire in 1993, however, the HP government and the Oberoi group of hotels collaborated to construct a new Wildflower building there to serve as a hotel.

Jakhu Temple

Hanuman is the main deity in the Jakhoo Temple. Apart from Hindu pilgrims and devotees, the location is one of Shimla’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing visitors of all ages and religious affiliations. The largest Hanuman statue in the world is located in Jakhu Temple and can be seen from most locations in Shimla.

Mahasu Peak & Fair

You might think about going to the Mahasu Peak in May if you enjoy learning about obscure customs and events. The Mahasu Jatara celebration, which is held on the third Tuesday in May, honours the movement of Lord Mahasu’s main idol.

Retreat Building

The Retreat Building serves as the President of India’s official retreat residence, and is situated at Chharabara, just 10 kilometres from Shimla. It was constructed in 1850 and was a piece of land owned by the Viceroy of India. The Retreat is a popular tourist destination in Shimla because of the location’s natural beauty and architectural design.


Due to its proximity to Shimla and somewhat higher altitude, which makes it a site with snow all year round, Kufri in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh is one of the most popular vacation spots, especially for couples. If you live in Shimla and enjoy the snow, Kufri is a great hideaway and is only around 7 miles from Mashobra.

Chadwick Falls

The stunning city of Shimla’s Glen Forests is home to Chadwick Falls. From a height of around 100 metres, this trickling stream of water descends. Because of the wet and dark surroundings produced by the dense canopying forest, some explorers remember a stroll through the forest as an exciting experience.

Shali Tibba

The settlement of Khatnol, which is 35 kilometres from Shimla, is home to the Shali Tibba hill. Since you can see Kufri, Fagu, Shimla, and Narkanda Hills from the peak of Shali Tibba, it is also known as 360. The trail is covered in trees, and Shali Tibba is 2873 metres above sea level. The inhabitants venerate the Goddess Bhimakali shrine, which is located on the mountain’s summit.

Best time to visit Mashobra

The ideal time of year to visit Mashobra is from April to June. Mashobra is at its most picturesque in the summer and spring, however the hill station enjoys a pleasant environment all year round. The greatest time to visit the town is during the summer because of the clear skies and longer days. The two most well-known festivals that occur in May are Mahasu and Sipi festival. Winters here are fairly chilly, and between December and February, there is sporadic snowfall. Although the monsoon enhances the city’s splendour, it is not an ideal time to take a tour to Mashobra because it makes touring impossible. If you enjoy the snow, the winter’s chilly and icy weather will be a lovely experience.

Food of Mashobra

Except for the strong Oriental influence, which is present in nearly all formal and informal restaurants, Mashobra does not have a distinctive cuisine of its own. While there aren’t many restaurants with proper informal seating, there are plenty dhabas to suit any budget. For those who travel in style, you can eat in your hotel since the majority of well-known luxury hotels and eateries also have highly regarded restaurants.

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