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Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district has Dharamshala serving as its administrative centre. Kangra is well-known for the Dhauladar range, its ancient temples, and the unending tea plantations that line the Beas River Valley. Kangra is described as “Devbhumi,” or the “Land of the Gods,” numerous times in the holy Hindu literature.

Within the limits of the district of Kangra are Dharamshala and McLeodGanj. Beautiful tea plantations may be found in Palampur and the surrounding surroundings, which are located 36 km from Kangra City.

The most well-known of them all, the Jwala Devi Temple, is renowned for its eternal flame, which has been glowing for years without a known fuel source. The temple has called into doubt scientific beliefs.

Places to visit in Kangra

Kangra Fort

Kangra, the ancient Trigarta homeland, which is located in the lower Beas Valley and its tributaries, was formerly one of the most popular hill resorts in Punjab and Himachal. The Fort is reported to have been owned by many different people over the course of its long existence. This location is a must-see for any history fan because it was under Mughal control for a long time until being lastly ruled by an Indian monarch.

Baijnath temple

In Himachal, the ideal fusion of human and natural architecture treats the human sight and stimulates the mind. One such location, Baijnath, undoubtedly takes the top rank on the list of must-see attractions in Kangra.

Brajeshwari temple

The Brajeshwari Temple, hailed by visitors as one of the most moving and spiritually enlightening locations, is about 10-15 minutes from the parking, and the market along the way is a shopper’s paradise.

Kareri Lake

The Dhauladhar Ranges’ melting caused the shallow freshwater lake known as the Kareri Lake to form. It is a little removed from the main city, so you might want to have a reliable guide and transportation ready in advance.

Indrahar pass trek

The most attractive trail begins in Mcleodganj, travels through Lahesh and Triund Caves, and lasts around 14 kilometres one way on the hike to Indrahar Pass.

Jwala Devi temple

Jwala Ji, a Hindu Goddess represented by a ring of perpetual flames, is the subject of the Jwala Devi Temple, which can be found in the Himachal Pradesh province’s Kangra region. The tongue of Goddess Sati is thought to have fallen where the Jwala Devi Temple is presently located, making it one of the 52 Shakti Peethas in India. The five aartis performed at Jwala Devi Temple, a unique temple without an idol, are the main draw.

Chamunda Devi temple

About 15 miles from the Kangra Valley, the Chamunda Devi Temple is one of the Holy Goddess’ most popular sanctuaries. The shrine of the goddess’ raging form is located in the temple, and Hanuman and Bhairava, two masculine Hindu gods, are standing on either side of her

Best time to visit in Kangra

The best time of year to visit Kangra is from September to June. While trekkers favour the summer months of May to June, when the weather is a comfortable 22 to 30 degrees Celsius, the months of September to November are often the best for sightseeing, all kinds of trips, and seeing the several temples close to Kangra. Due of the unbearably frigid temperatures that go below zero in January, you can simply take a layoff.

Food  in Kangra

The Kangra region offers a delectable culinary trip filled with exotic spices and sumptuous textures. There are several popular dishes, such as Kalan ke pakode (grass pea fritters), Bhruni (cooked fig leaves in dry gravy), Barah ki chutney (fresh rhododendron pickle), Seera (sweet soup of ground wheat), Phafru ka sag (buckwheat cooked in its own gravy with onion, garlic, and other spices), Lasode ki sabzi (Gunda (gravied pears). Discovering new and distinctive pahari food is the main draw of the Kangra area. For a taste at the numerous dhabas, you can skip the typical multi-cuisine or traditional north Indian dishes.

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