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Himachal Tourism in August

Himachal Tourism in August

Himachal is a place of incredible natural beauty with fantastical views. Himachal offers its tourists a wide variety of options. Its breathtaking mountain ranges and lovely valleys will add colour to your tour. Additionally, everything about the location appears fascinating and unusual. With various locations spread out around the State, it is like heaven on Earth. A select few locations are so beautiful that they must be included on the vacation itinerary.

The location is extremely charming and has enough to offer any tourist. The orchard trees and the numerous birds in the area are both lovely in their own unique ways. You may always arrange a quick excursion from Delhi to lose yourself in the peace of nature.

Top places to visit in Himachal in August


Kufri, which is only 13 kilometres from Shimla, is a popular winter vacation spot. Likewise, tourists who wish to snap beautiful images visit this amazing site. So many people are drawn to this magnificent location by its vibe and the lovely weather.

Kufri is a destination where visitors may unwind while gazing out over the wilds of nature from hotel balconies. There are a tonne of hiking routes. Put on your hiking boots and go on the exciting voyage.

Mahasu Peak is a must-see Kufri attraction in August. The Mahasu mountain is a beautiful vantage point from which to see all of Himachal. While at the top, try horseback riding.

Kufri is home to a variety of Himalayan species, including antelopes, snow leopards, and other animals. For all zoo aficionados and animal photographers, the zoo is a great treat.


Khajjiar, which sits in the Western Himalayas, is a place of genuine happiness. The area is so lovely because of the surrounding lush trees and serene lake.

The “Mini Switzerland Of India” is another name for Khajjiar. People adore taking holidays here because of how beautiful and alluring the meadows are. Also see: The 10 Best Places to Visit in Khajjiar

Kailash Village is a must-see Khajjiar attraction in August.

The Kailash villages provide both happiness and beauty. These settlements provide wonderful views of Mt. Kailash and provide insight into the surrounding area.

The Temple, which dates to the 12th century AD, is completely composed of wood. It is a Nag shrine that is really old.


It is a little village with rows of tea plants and waterfalls. It is one of the nicest hill towns, and the streams there flow with clean water. Additionally, spending time here helps you feel connected to nature. Your vacation in Palampur will be unforgettable in its own unique ways.

You will reach a whole other level when you hear the birds tweeting and smell the pine trees. At Bir Billing, you may attempt paragliding if you have an adventurous spirit.

August attractions in Palampur you must see: Chamunda Devi Temple

When visiting Palampur, you just cannot skip the Chamunda Devi shrine. There are 51 Shakti Peethas in all, located all across the world. The Ramayana and Mahabharata tales are portrayed at the temple.

The Emerald Green Plantations are among the most popular destinations. With bordered tea gardens, you will see a lot of beauty. The tea gardens are being gently cooled by an amazing and beautiful breeze.


It is a modest Himachal town located not far from Dharamshala. In McLeod Ganj, you may discover Tibetan residents. While strolling through the vibrant streets, one finds a wonderful fusion of Tibet and India. One of Himachal Pradesh’s top tourist destinations is it.

It is also among the least expensive locations for all low-budget vacationers. You may have some delectable cuisine at the great cafés scattered across the area. Some of the tastiest meals will be served to you, which you will remember for the rest of your life. Woolens and silver jewellery are treasures at the neighbourhood markets. You can unwind there and pass the remaining hours of the day.


People sought comfort when visiting Chail and being close to nature. Chail was founded in 1893. Second, the dense pine and deodar trees add to the excitement and enjoyment of path walking. The city has pleasant weather all year long, making it the most visited location in Himachal.

Many visitors come here not just for solitude but also for experiences. One place hikers go from Chail is Choor Peak.

As soon as you walk into the Palace, you’ll see the splendour of royalty. A historic hotel has been created in the palace’s half. Additionally, there are a tonne of cottages nearby for a quiet night out.

It is a historic Hindu temple that honours Ma Kali. You can see the Shivalik mountains in amazing detail.

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