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Solan, a larger industrial town with a number of enterprises, is situated on the Punjab-Himachal Border in the lower Himalayan foothills.

For tourists searching for only a short break from the hustle and bustle of the city, Solan is a relatively low-key hill station.

Solan, a lovely city in Himachal Pradesh, is home to numerous pilgrims and tourists who come to visit its historic temples and monasteries each year. Due to the quantity of mushrooms produced each year, Solan is referred to be the country’s mushroom capital and is home to one of the nation’s oldest breweries. As a result of its extensive tomato production, Solan is also known as the “city of red gold.” This city also boasts a 300-year-old fort that is in ruins but offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding area. It is situated at the summit of a hill. Both worshippers and tourists must visit the Jatoli Shiv Temple and the Shoolini Mata Temple. Everyone visiting Solan must stop at the Yundung Monastery, one of the most well-known monasteries in this area.

Dagshai in Solan, a former British cantonment hamlet, features a jail museum and some great quiet lodging options.

Places to visit of Solan


The serene town of Kasauli is located less than an hour from Solan. Kasauli, which is surrounded by hills and pine trees and has the ideal amount of activity on its Mall road, is the ideal vacation from Solan.

Nalagrah palace

The Nalagarh Palace, which is perched atop a hill, offers visitors a panoramic view of the city below as well as beautifully landscaped gardens. This magnificent building displays both Indian and Mughal architectural styles. A heritage resort has been created out of the palace after extensive restoration work.

Shoolini Temple

One of the oldest and most revered temples in this area is the Shoolini Temple, which is dedicated to Goddess Shoolini. Every year in the month of June, it also holds a fair.


A hiker’s delight, this small Himachali town is located at a height of 2250 metres above sea level. Chail is sure to provide visitors with a remarkable travel experience because of the beautiful flora that surrounds it and the captivating views that can be seen from such a great height.

Kuthar Fort

This is the oldest historical site in the area, with an estimated age of 800 years. The fort is big and features a number of freshwater springs. You can explore this historic building to locate a few other monuments, including the Gurkha Fort.


This little village, which is only about 28 kilometres from Parwanoo, was previously a British cantonment area. Today, one can visit a historic church known for its colonial architecture, surrounded by pine and deodar trees.

Best time to visit Solan

Summertime, from March to July, is the ideal season to visit Solan. The greatest time to appreciate Solan’s beautiful splendour is during the summer, when tourists may enjoy sightseeing and outdoor activities. While Solan’s monsoons don’t typically produce large rains, they do occasionally bring storms. The best months to visit Solan are from July to September. Winters are frigid and unfavourable for travellers since they might cause travel delays due to fog. In general, the months of March through September are the best for travelling to Solan.

Food of Solan

There are several dining alternatives in Solan, particularly for those who want to sample and enjoy the regional cuisines of Himachal. While Dal, Rice, Roti, Vegetables, and Curd are a common dinner here, there are also a variety of other local specialties to taste. These include Pachole, Sidu (a type of bread), Poode, Lushke (a native pancake), and more.

In addition to this, Solan, a well-known tourist attraction, offers several excellent cafes and restaurants that serve wholesome meals at affordable costs. Seasonal fruits and vegetables, as well as roasted maize, are popular in this area. Enjoy the delectable street food as well. Samosas, Jalebis, and solan Channa are just a few of the foods you should try.

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