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Fagu, a tranquil village covered in snow and situated at an elevation of 2500 metres, is about 45 minutes’ drive from Shimla. It is renowned for its apple orchards, planting fields, and background of the snow-capped Himalayas. Fagu is a honeymooner’s paradise because of its seclusion. It is also well-liked by hikers and naturalists.

Fagu is thought to have gotten its name from the term “fog.” For about nine months out of the year, it is shrouded in fog. The entire area has a picturesque environment and is surrounded by thick, green pine and cedar trees. There are also a lot of apple trees in this area. It’s also typical to see potato fields. As residents of Fagu, animals including snow leopards, yaks, and ponies can also be seen.

Things to do in Fagu

Go for a hike or a stroll

Take a trip through Fagu to see the abundance of beautiful beauty that the city has to offer. Hikes to the adjacent apple orchards and pine forests can be started from Fagu.

Orchards of apples

There are abundant orchards of apples and potatoes in Fagu. You will get the chance to explore and discover more about the cultivation of apples and potatoes by visiting these fields.

The Bhantia Devta Temple

The beautiful wooden carvings on the Bhantia Devta Temple make it a work of architectural wonder. The picturesque surroundings of this temple serve to accentuate its splendour.

Sunset and Sunrise Point in Chharabra

From Fagu, you can hike through the Tattapani creek to the settlement of Chharabra. The beauty of Chharabra is known for its magnificent for its sunsets and sun rises.

Best time to visit

May through October are the ideal months to visit Fagu. The temperature is still 8 to 9 degrees lower here than in Shimla. In Fagu, the monsoon season, from July to October, is when the deciduous forest is at its best. It is always entirely covered in snow during the winter. Since the roadway via Fagu is connected to the China border, snowfall does not delay its clearing. This makes travelling to Fagu convenient virtually all year round.

How to reach

Fagu By air:

The closest airport to Fagu is in Jubbar-Hatti, which is 45 kilometres away. Cans and rental automobiles are readily available in this area.

Fagu Via Rail:

The Kalka Railway Station in Shimla, which is 22 kilometres away, is the closest train station to Fagu. Rental cars are conveniently available at this train station. Another excellent choice is the Kalka Shimla toy train.

Fagu By Road:

Around 350 kilometres separate Delhi and Fagu, a distance that can readily be travelled by renting a car or driving your own vehicle. Even a bus from Delhi to Shimla is an option. Only 18 kilometres separate Fagu from Shimla, which may be reached by renting a taxi.

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