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Sangla Valley, one of the most endearing valleys in the entire Kinnaur District, is the ideal escape from the bustle of the thronging cities. It takes its name from a lovely village of the same name.

The valley, which is surrounded by imposing mountain ranges, vast evergreen woods, and snow-capped summits, is distinguished from others by its orchard of red apples and sweet cherry trees. The Baspa River, known for its trout fishing, meanders and gurgles through the area as well. The area is filled with several attractions, including forts, temples, and adjacent villages, making it a fantastic vacation spot.

Places to visit Sangla 

Sangla Meadow

lush green fields with mud puddles and the majestic Himalayan Mountains in the distance. What more could you possibly need for mental, physical, and spiritual renewal?!!

Bering Nag temple

This location is a wonder of architecture and must be seen. For Hindus, it is regarded as one of the most significant temples. Lord Jagas is honoured in this temple.


This location, which is around 28 km from Sangla, is where the Indo-Tibetan Border begins. This settlement, which situated on the banks of the River Bapsa, is a riddle just waiting to be solved.

Kamru Fort

This fort is the ideal location to get a glimpse of the historical artistic legacy. It is now a shrine dedicated to Kamakhya Devi, a Hindu goddess.

Tibetan Wood Carving Centre

This location is a shoppers’ paradise and well-known for its wood-carved Tibetan goods. A centre for Tibetan wood carving is highly known for selling and displaying fine pieces.

Basteri Village

Basteri Village, which is around 8 miles from Sangla, is where you may find some intriguing locally made crafts. The most popular products in the village are handmade shawls and Kinnauri hats.

Baspa River

It’s time to get moving and have some fun! Tourists choose to fish, camp, and hike by a rippling river with breathtaking natural scenery.

Buddhist Monastries

If you are travelling to Himachal Pradesh, you will undoubtedly pass by some incredible and stunning monasteries. Brelengi Gompa is another name for a Buddhist monastery, which is one of these places in Brelengi.


The last Indian settlement before the Tibet Border is Chitkul, while Rakcham is a charming village located 23 kilometres away in the Himachal Pradesh region. The picturesque tiny village is situated by the River Baspa, a significant tributary of the Sutlej, in the lovely Baspa Valley. The area is continuously covered in thick foliage. From this tiny village, one can also see the calm Kinnaur Kailasha mountains, which border the Kinnaur district. The village’s isolation is one of its most distinctive features. The village is cut off from the outside world and is not as inhabited as many other communities in the area. Rakcham doesn’t have access to the internet or postal services.

How to reach Sangla 

Sangla Valley lacks a railway station or airport. Sangla’s closest train station is Kalka Railway Station. From Delhi, Chandigarh, and Shimla, regular HRTC and private buses travel to Sangla. You can also take a taxi or your own vehicle to Sangla.

Best time to visit Sangla 

Overall, the climate of Sangla is quite pleasant throughout the year, although the winters tend to be a bit harsh. Summers are hot but the heat is not really scorching. The temperature during summers ranges from 8 to 30 degrees Celcius. Monsoon season in the valley brings a lesser amount of rainfall. The winters, not recommended as a visiting season, are extremely cold with the temperature between 10 and -10 degrees Celcius. Visit Sangla in summers or monsoon to explore the place to its best, but if you are visiting during winters, make sure you carry a woollens.

Food of Sangla

North Indian food is served in Sangla, which is in the Himachal Pradesh state of India. However, due to the great number of Buddhists who live there, dhabas that serve popular Tibetan cuisine like momos, dumplings, and tukpa are the most common. Other than that, the selection of restaurants is rather restricted.

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