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History of Himachal Pradesh

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    History of Himachal Pradesh

    In 2022, Himachal Pradesh marked 51 years since becoming a sovereign state. Himachal Pradesh has a lengthy history that stretches from the Indus Valley civilization to the British era and up to the present. People from the Indus Valley Civilization lived in the valleys in the Himalayan foothills between 2250 and 1750 BC. The Mundas or Kols were the first inhabitants, then came the Kiratas and Bhotas, and finally people from Central Asia. Buddhism was introduced to the valley by King Asoka. He also constructed a lot of stupas. Early in the seventh century, King Harsha ruled the region. Following his passing, a number of Rajput leaders and their adherents relocated from Rajasthan to Himachal. Around thirteen little states, including Mandi, Kangra, Sirmaur, Bushahr, and Bilaspur, were established.

    The Mughal emperors later seized the majority of these states. It also covered the important region of Kangra. Near the close of the eighteenth century, the family rose to prominence under Sansar Chand’s leadership. It grew in the neighbouring hilly regions, including Mandi, Bilaspur, and Chamba. The Nepalese Gorkhas occupied the hill states of Shimla and Sirmaur during the eighteenth century. In Kangra, they overcame Sansar Chand. After some time, the Sikhs, led by Ranjit Singh, seized control of the Kangra Fort. After some time, the Sikhs, led by Ranjit Singh, seized control of the Kangra Fort. But in the First Anglo-Sikh and Anglo-Gorkha War, the British expelled both the Sikhs and the Gorkhas.

    The British possessions in the area were ruled by the British Crown as of Queen Victoria’s proclamation in 1858. The Praja Mandal then started a liberation demonstration during the Indian freedom struggle. The Congress party was active in Kangra during this period. These era’s leaders included Purnanand, Padam Dev, Shivanand Ramaul, and Dr. YS Parmar. In April 1948, the state first existed as a region under central administration. There were 30 princely states there. In 1951, it was classified as a Part C state. Up until 1956, when it was merged with Punjab, Himachal Pradesh was separate from Punjab. It thereafter became a territory of the Union. In December 1970, it was renamed Himachal Pradesh. It finally became India’s 18th state on January 25, 1971.

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