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Nahan is the ideal romantic retreat because it is removed from the bustling city. This little hill village is the perfect vacation spot, nestled among the majestic Shivalik range and overlooking verdant green fields, clean streets, and dirt-free roads.

Numerous tales and legends have been constructed around Nahan’s past. This town, which was established in 1621 as the Raja Karan Prakash’s capital, is thought to have gotten its name from a sage by the name of Nahar who lived on the same location as the town does now. Another story claims that the town was called after a situation in which the king attempted to kill a lion but was stopped by a saint named Baba Banwari Das who said, “Nahar,” which means “don’t kill.”

Places to visit Nahan

Renuka Lake

The Renuka Lake, which is only 38 kilometres from Nahan, is the ideal destination for anybody interested in nature and the serenity it provides. The Renuka Lake is renowned for its cultural past, in contrast to other lakes in the region that are well-known for their pure beauty and environs. This magnificent water body is thought to be a representation of the Goddess Renuka because it is not only the largest natural lake in Himachal Pradesh in terms of area (the lake has a circumference of roughly 3214 metres). In addition to the lake’s cultural and religious significance, tourists who make it to the lake’s ridge via its steep alpine slopes are treated to stunning views.

Suketi Fossil Park

The fans of life science and fossils should visit this theme park. Suketi Fossil Park, the first of its kind in Asia, is located around 21 kilometres from Nahan and was built on the actual location of fossil discovery.

Jaitak Fort

This fort, which is located on the summit of Jaitak Hills, was constructed in 1810 by the Gurkha chieftain Ranjor Singh Thapa. constructed using the Nahan fort’s materials that were retrieved after it was demolished and looted. It is located 25 kilometres away from Nahan.

Churdhar Peak

Churdhar Peak, at a height of 3650 m above sea level, is a delight for trekkers and rock climbers. It is a 50-kilometer walk. This summit, which is surrounded by lush meadows and woodlands, may be reached from Dadahu, Sangrah, Bhawal, Gandhuri, and Nauhra.

Dhaula Kuan

There is a lot of charm associated with this location. Dhaula Kuan, one of the top tourist destinations, is teeming with orchards full of mango and citrus fruit trees.

Rani Tal

Rani Tal is a natural wonder with a distinguished heritage as a royal residence. This location is perfect for a picnic and lake boat trip because of its tranquil surroundings.

Simbalwada National Park

One of Nahan’s hotspots is a wildlife sanctuary, which is home to several migratory birds and other animals. This natural area of the Shivaliks is composed of sal woods, beautiful green grassland, and meandering streams.

Best time to visit Nahan

The entire year may be spent travelling to Nahan, which is renowned for its trekking and is still mostly untapped by tourism. Although the winters are bitterly cold and the summers are balmy and delightful, each season brings out a different aspect of the place’s true beauty. The best times to engage in outdoor pursuits like hiking and town exploration are during the transitional seasons of autumn and spring. Of course, visitors should always wear proper clothing for the season because it may get very freezing or hot during the busy season.

Food of Nahan

Since Nahan is a small town, there aren’t many eateries and restaurants there. In addition to offering food from the Himachal region, this town also serves food from other cuisines, such as Chinese and North Indian.

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