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Malana, a historic village hidden away in the Himachal Pradeshi highlands, is well known for being the ideal hipster vacation spot. The area is bordered by beautiful valleys and thick, green trees, making it ideal for anyone who appreciates nature in all of its purest forms. The settlement is surrounded on two sides by the valleys of Parvati and Kullu, with the peaks of Cahndrakhani and Deotibba casting a shadow over this little-known Indian gem.

Malana is renowned for its distinct lifestyle and social structure, which the residents primarily adhere to, in addition to its natural beauty. Their manner of dressing, the cuisine people consume, the holidays they observe, how those holidays are observed, and other factors all show the dynamic culture.

This idyllic vacation spot is located at a height of 2,652 metres, or roughly 8,701 feet, above sea level. There is so much natural beauty in this town that many documentaries have been produced about it, showcasing the beauties that Malana offers. Check out Malana, A lost identity and Malana: Globalization of a Himalayan Village, two well-liked documentaries, if you’re interested.

Kanashi is the local dialect used in Malana. Apart from that, this lovely place has a rich history that can be traced back. According to local folklore, the respected sage Jamlu Rishi lived in this area and is credited with establishing Malana’s laws, customs, and traditions, among other rules.

Things to do in Malana

Take a stroll along the Parvati River:

it’s one of the must-do activities in Malana. One of the purest and most picturesque rivers in all of India is the Parvati River, which runs through Manala. You won’t have a more enjoyable experience than this. Take a leisurely stroll along the Parvati River, or engage in thrilling adventure pursuits like camping, river rafting, and a variety of other water sports, all of which are offered by local service providers.

Trek to Kheer Ganga:

Kheer Ganga is just a short distance from Manala on a hiking track. This is an activity you must engage in if you are the type who thrives on adventure and loves a good adrenaline rush. Numerous institutions organise groups and transport them to Kheer Ganga using the proper ways. While travelling, you may come across natural wonders, some of which you may have never seen before.

Shopping spree at the local market:

Shopping at the local market is another significant, must-do activity in Malana. You will discover that there are countless possibilities available for hippie, ethnic, and broad products, ranging from food to apparel.

How to reach Malana

How can I take the train to Malana?

The closest rail station is 125 kilometres away from Malana and is called Joginder Nagar. It has a direct connection to the Chandigarh railhead, which connects to all of India’s major cities. For a comfortable journey to Malana, travellers can hire taxis and cabs from outside.

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