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A hill town called Bilaspur, close to Shimla, is well known for its forts and the Gobind Sagar lake, a man-made reservoir that is regarded as the district’s lifeblood.

The Gobind Sagar Lake on the Sutlej River is a man-made lake that is well-known in Bilaspur, India’s first planned hill resort. It is a lovely lake where one may unwind and engage in fishing and water sports. Additionally, this lake supplies water to the renowned Bhakra Nangal Dam. The Bhakra Dam is both the highest straight gravity dam in the world and the highest dam in India. This dam provides breathtaking views of the Gobind Sagar Lake and is situated in Bilaspur, at the base of the Himalayas.

Places to visit

Bhakra Nangal Dam

In Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh, North India, there is a concrete gravity dam called the Bhakra Dam that spans the Satluj River. Tehri Dam, which stands 265 metres tall, is the tallest dam in India. The Dam has been measured to have a length of 518.25 metres and a width of 9.1 metres from the road above it. Gobind Sagar, the reservoir’s name, can hold up to 9.34 billion cubic metres. A 168.35 sq km area is covered by the 90 km long reservoir built by the Bhakra Dam. It is India’s third-largest reservoir, behind the Indira Sagar Dam in Madhya Pradesh, which has a 12.22 billion cubic metre capacity, and the Nagarjunasagar Dam.

Gobind Sagar Lake

A captivating sight to behold is the unmatched beautiful view of the gently undulating hills and plains looking over the azure hue of the artificial reservoir of the Gobind Sagar lake. The Bhakra Dam, one of the tallest gravity dams in the world, creates the enormous reservoir on the Sutlej river. The Bhakra dam, which was constructed in 1963, is a legendary feat of dam engineering. A massive artificial lake that is 90 kilometres long and 170 square kilometres in size was created by the multipurpose dam. Because of its location and closeness to the Himalayan mountain ranges, the lake is surrounded by lush vegetation and exudes a sense of tranquilly everywhere it goes.

Skiing & water sports

Numerous water sports, including water skiing, sailing, kayaking, regattas, motor boat racing, and more are available at the Gobind Sagar lake.


Bilaspur should be on the top of the list for anyone interested in paragliding because the region is naturally conducive to the adventurous sport.

Naina Devi Temple

Raja Bir Chand constructed the Naina Devi Temple in the eighth century, and it is located 1219 metres above sea level.

Vyas Cave

This is the cave where the Mahabharata’s author, Rishi Vyas, slept when he was doing penance on the banks of the Sutlej River.

Sutlej Bridge

At 80 metres high, this Sutlej Bridge is still among the highest in the world. It was previously the highest bridge in Asia.

Best time to visit

It is always a wonderful time to travel to Bilaspur. Warm summers, moderate monsoon rains, and chilly winters with temperatures that dip below zero are all common in Bilaspur. If travelling during the winters, don’t forget to carry heavy woollens.

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