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Places to visit in Shimla

1. The Mall Road, Shimla

The Mall Road is the main street of the capital of Himachal. It is one of the busiest and the most popular tourist attractions in Shimla. The Mall is the commercial hub of Shimla. All the major hotels, notable restaurants, clubs, bars, banks, shops, offices, post office and tourist information booths and offices are located along the Mall Road. Tourists are free to walk up and down the Mall road while they grab the essence of Shimla, enjoy the joyous hustle and bustle of the small hill town and appreciate the beautiful views of the nature. This is the place where you can find your favourite corner, grab your favourite dish, snack at leisure and sip your kinds of drink while you enjoy the feel and charm of a hill town set amidst the heart of Himalayas. People frequent the Ridge, the Mall and Scandal point area on the Mall road to shop, catch the warm sunlight and magic moments of holidaying in a hill town. Enjoy the views of the Himalayan range while you do some shopping, buy mementos and trinkets for your near and dear ones to carry back home. You will also find the statue of the national freedom fighter Lala Lajpat Rai at the intersection.

Gaiety Theatre is located in The Mall and was established in 1887. This theatre is famous for hosting a lot of larger-than-life personalities. The heritage has been preserved with care and the old structure has been renovated even while keeping the original building intact. The Kalibari Temple is also located in the Mall area and is a very old temple dedicated to Goddess Kali. The Scandal Point is located on the west side of the Mall Road where it joins the Ridge Road. It has an interesting anecdote associated with it as to the acquiring of its name. Next to Scandal Point you can locate the General Post Office of Shimla which also carries the colonial fragrance. The ancient Town Hall is the current Municipal Building of Shimla and boasts largely of the flavour of the pre-independence era. Thus the Mall Road is the busiest and the most happening place in the whole of the Himachal Pradesh capital town.

2. The Ridge, Shimla

The Ridge is a famous and very accessible tourist spot of Shimla located at the heart of the Summer Capital, Shimla. It is the primary location for government functions and fairs that are held in the capital. Summer Festival is the most important festival held here. The Ridge is situated along the famous Mall Road that is a famous and extremely buzzing shopping location of Shimla. The Ridge hosts various cultural programs.

The other prominent tourist haunts located around The Ridge are the Lakkar Bazaar, Mall, Scandal Point and Jakhoo Hill to name a few. The Ridge area comes to limelight during the summer months of April and May when the Summer Festival is held here. It is a large open space located between two hills and one can admire the full beauty and uninterrupted view of Shimla natural landscape from this place. The Ridge is a traffic-free zone and ends at another major tourist point The Scandal Point. It runs parallel to the Mall Road. It is a lovely place to take a leisurely stroll along the full length and also lends the feel of the traditional colonial architecture. It offers an excellent location for photography too. This place bears the essence of Shimla and is a must visit when you are in Shimla for a holiday.

3. The Christ Church

The Christ Church easily makes to the top ten places to visit for curious tourists flocking in from all parts of the world for a Shimla vacation. It is one of the popular tourist attractions in Shimla. The Christ Church boasts of architectural splendour of yester years with a rich gothic style and reminds one of the British reminiscences from the. Days of their rule in India. The monument is meant to give a rich feel of Christianity of the colonial era.

The Christ Church is a symbol of faith, hope, love, humanity, patience, courage, fortitude and charity and instils reverence for the faith of Christianity. The location is superbly spectacular with infinitely rich natural beauty. It is located in one of the most frequented and buzzing roads in Shimla, the Ridge. The name of Christ Church is now almost synonymous with Shimla visit. It makes for a must-visit place while away on holiday in Shimla.

Christ Church is undoubtedly one the oldest churches in the whole of North India. It was constructed in the British era by the British in 1857. The Church was established to serve the large Anglican British community of the area as Shimla was the Summer Capital of the British raj. The Christ Church is set amidst stunning locales and is a favourite haunt for tourists in Shimla. One can enjoy the myriad colours of stained glass windows. It is worth spending some time adoring this glorious structure.

4. Kufri, Shimla

Kufri is widely known for its tranquil surroundings and breath-taking views. The stunning landscape beauty of Kufri attracts all the tourists who visit Shimla for a vacation. The name of Kufri is now almost synonymous with Shimla tour package. Kufri is often fondly referred to as the Switzerland of the East. Kufri also offers a lot of adventure activities both for young and old. Kufri is a favourite haunt for skiing and in winters draw plenty of skiing enthusiasts during the snowy winter months. Hiking also forms a special attraction of this place. The frozen Kufri hill slopes offer nice vantage location for skiing.

Kufri is located approximately 19 kilometres away from Shimla and can be included in a day trip from Shimla. Kufri is easily accessible via National Highway No. 22. The adventure hub of Kufri known as the Kufri Fun World is located 2800 metres above sea level. This is a unique high-latitude amusement park. The altitude makes the go kart track inside the adventure park to be one of the highest in the world. Kufri is situated in the middle of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and that makes the amusement park one of the most beautiful in the world. The Kufri Zoo also is a favourite among the young visitors. Mahasu Peak in Kufri is the highest peak and one can get very panoramic scenic view from here. This peak is interestingly accessible only through horse or mule back. The ride along the wet, treacherous, muddy road up to the Mahasu Peak is indeed an interesting experience. The Himalayan National Park is greatly enticing for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. The Park has got to exhibit more than 180 different species of birds and has got some extremely rare mammals to offer to its visitors.

5. Green Valley, Shimla

Green Valley is truly one of the most famous Shimla tourist attractions of Shimla sightseeing. It is a fantastic photography point as well in Shimla. Green Valley’s scenic charm makes it a popular shooting spot in various Bollywood movies. It has got endless beauty and charm of mountain views and green vales covered with dense dark mountain forests. Green Valley finds place in various travel articles and travel books on account of its beauty of landscape.

In the green hills and forests surrounding Green Valley from which it had acquired its name, you can spot very rare animals such as yaks that keep on grazing and wandering on the hill slopes. After monsoon, this valley acquires an added layer of charm and greenness that makes it even more attractive to tourists. Green Valley can be visited all the year round but the most favourable time to enjoy its beauty are the months from July to October and from February to April.

6. Jhakoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill contains the peak that is the highest point of the city of Shimla. It is a verdant hill slope covered with the fragrant Alpine trees. It commands a very scenic panoramic view. On the top of the flat topped hill is situated the pilgrim’s paradise, the ancient and colourful Jakhoo Temple. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Hanuman. There is also a newly built Hanuman statue that is 33 metres in height. The statue of Lord Hanuman is of a bright orange colour and when viewed from the town of Shimla this huge statue can be easily seen protruding from among the natural forest cover towering above the surrounding greens. The huge statue adds to prominence of this place.

The surrounding is immensely calm and peaceful. The temple premises is infested with troublesome monkeys and one needs to guard accessories and food items very closely. Jhakoo Temple involves a bit of trekking of about 30 minutes. The approximate height of Jhakoo Hill is about 2455 metres above sea level. The Ridge, another famous tourist haunt of Shimla is just 2.5 kilometres away from Jhakoo Hill. Jhakoo Hill has a lot of religious sentiments attached to it. It has a mythical story attached to it. It is believed that when lord Hanuman had come in search of Sanjeevani Booti for Lakshman, he had stopped here and the place where Lord Hanuman had left his footprint, the temple was raised.

From the summit of the mountain, one can enjoy enchanting views to the north across of the Shivalik mountain ranges of the Himalayan foothills and to the west one can catch a panoramic view of Shimla.

7. Naldehra Golf Course Overview

The Naldehra Golf Course is extremely scenic. It has got close resemblance with the Scottish links courses. This Golf Course is located approximately 23 kilometres from Shimla. It commands a huge area measuring 4285 yards and boasts of 18 holes, 16 greens and 18 tees. The Golf Course was established way back in the early 1900s. Lord Curzon, the former Viceroy of India, had supervised its establishment in 1905. In the British times, this Golf Course with 9 nine holes was the most scenic one and this fact also makes it one of the oldest in India. Naldehra Golf Course is at a height of 2200 metres above sea level and in one of India’s most challenging golf courses. It is definitely picturesque with the glens and slopes covered and surrounded by countless and ageless giant Deodar trees. Lord Curzon was said to be taken in by the beauty of this place so much that he had even named his third daughter Alexandra Naldehra.

The Golf Course area offer countless opportunities to click beautiful pictures. The Golf Course also has within its vicinity a stylish club house with three double rooms and a comfortable drawing room and its facilities can be enjoyed both by members and non-members through prior booking. The Himalayan cedars lend this place a special charm and serenity.

8. Himalayan Bird Sanctuary

Himalayan Bird Park is a favourite haunt for nature lovers. It is one of the most visited tourist hubs of Shimla and primarily attracts various bird watchers and photographers. The enchantment of blissful Shimla is topped with the wondrous beauty of the diverse variety of wildlife that breathes and lives in the folds of the hilly Himalayan slopes and forests. One finds a unique variety of birds in the famous Himalayan Bird Park that you might never have seen anywhere else ever before.

The Park harbours and contains various endangered species of birds. In order to provide a resting haven to this wide variety of rare bird species, the Park contains a wide variety trees and also other varieties of big and small animals. Some common bird species found here can be named as Himalayan Monals, Peacocks, Pheasants. Another prominent tourist attraction of Shimla, the Vice Regal Lodge is located close to the Himalayan Bird Park. The serenity of the location along with the amazing variety of flora and fauna entice the people to come a spend some idyllic moments of absolute calm and peace here. The magic of nature with wildlife makes the Park a coveted tourist attraction in Shimla.

9. The Amazing Splendour of Chail

Chail is a breezy, splendid and naturally amazing and beautiful place situated close to Shimla and makes for a delightful day trip while you are in Shimla tour. Camping in the verdant glory of Chail especially in the winter months when it remains absolutely snow clad is a mesmerising experience. Chail has a very interesting story associated with it on how it came into being. The beauty of Chail is relaxing and the fact that it is located a short distance away from the ever increasing commercial activities of the capital town makes it a favourite getaway for the people who visit Shimla but want to escape from the bustle of the tourist crowd especially during the summer months when Shimla sees the maximum influx of tourists.

The history of Chail in linked to the history of the awkward naming of Scandal Point that arouses a lot of curiosity among the tourists. The story says that the Maharaja of Patiala had fled being in love with the daughter of the British Viceroy in the era of British occupancy of India. This was the cause for incurring wrath in the British gallery and led to the banishment of the Maharaja from Shimla. The Maharaja in turn retaliated to this insult by forming and establishing another heavenly abode in the midst of greenery and solitude in the form of a new summer capital which is now famous in the name of Chail. Chail is located approximately 45 kilometres from Shimla.

Chail is a favourite haunt of the tourist trying to escape the summer heat of the rest of Indian plains and sees a wide assortment of Tourists from all over in summers. The spectacular deodar forests are spread all along the hilly slopes. The pines and firs also add to the majestic beauty of Himalayan forests covering this entire region along the foothills of Himalayan ranges. It has also got the highest cricket ground in the world or a magnificent Palace that was transformed to a heritage hotel and can be booked for stay if you are planning to visit Chail.

10. Kiala Forest

Kiala Forest is located in the valley of Kotkhai close to Shimla. This forest evokes green feelings and spreads a serene solitude and is a perfect getaway place for people who would love to escape from the maddening daily routine for a few days in the lap of nature. It is a perfect destination and makes for an interesting place to visit. One can even spot some delightful bird and animal species that are indigenous to these parts of the Himachal. Nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts will definitely enjoy here. Rich variety of mountain foliage and dense greenery makes this a perfect photographic spot. This place makes for a day time visit and does not have accommodation. The best time of visiting the forests would be the months of March to October.

11. Town Hall

Town Hall has now been ramped up and renovated to act as the Municipal Corporation building. This building is one more example of the rich legacy of British and Gothic architecture. In spite of massive renovation, the original essence of the building has been preserved. It is an worthy example of superior lasting impression of the Indian pre-independence era. The building has been referred to as architectural marvel by experts and huge amount of expense was incurred to fortify its original glory.

12. Gaiety Theatre

Gaiety Theatre is another spectacular edifice and has a rich historical association. It was opened to the public in the 1887 and since then it has hosted many great personalities and is a mute witness to innumerable great performances by famous personalities who have repeatedly performed on its stage. Currently, the theatre is a prominent social club. It is used as a performing stage by the schools of Shimla. The heritage and glamour of this building has been carefully preserved even after the constant restoration efforts. The edifice stands proudly in the midst of the busy bustling Mall Road of Shimla and its Victorian style gothic architecture was designed by Sir Henry Irwin. The Gaiety Theatre is revered as of the oldest buildings in the state of Himachal.

13. Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is a majestic and significant heritage building of Shimla. It has a regal tone and an architectural richness. Viceregal Lodge is veritably included in all half-day sightseeing tours of Shimla holiday packages. The name of the building is derived from the fact that it was the summer residence of Indian Viceroy during the days of the British Raj. In the years between 1888 and 1946, the Viceroy has operated from the office positioned in this Lodge. The building is located approximately 2 kilometres west of Shimla on the peak of the well-marked Observatory Hill. The location offers picturesque panorama of the hills and meadows stretched across. The Viceregal Lodge building in Shimla is also known as the Rashtrapati Nilayam or the President’s House. The Lodge was used during the Indian summers by the then British President.

14. Kuthar Fort

Kuthar Fort is located at a spot that can boast of never-ending serenity of landscape. It is tucked comfortably amidst calm and quiet mountain beauty of the Himalayas. It has the rich traces of ancient Indian history associated with it. The fort is spread across an area of about 52.8 square kilometres. The backdrop comprises exotic locales. It has got pools and well-manicured and beautiful gardens. Kuthar Fort is located at approximately an hour’s distance away from the Shimla Airport, or the Jubbarhatti Airport. It is located in the district of Solan and forms a primary attraction in Solan. The fort is an ancient one and some portions of the fort were constructed around 800 years ago, approximately. And some sections were added later on and might not be even more than a century old. The area surrounding the Kuthar Fort has a number of fresh-water springs to add to the charm of the surroundings. Several other picturesque locations such as the Gurkha Fort, Kunihar and Kasauli, which is a magnificent hill station, are located close by.

15. Kali Bari Temple

Kali Bari Temple is an extremely popular tourist visit and is a place of pilgrimage of the Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and strategically located very close to the heart of Shimla. The temple was built in the year 1845. The resident Deity, Goddess Kali, is also known as Shyamala. Shimla acquires its name from Goddess Shyamala, and hence the importance of this temple cannot be undermined. Kali Bari temple was initially located on the Jakhu hill. Later on the temple has been shifted to the Kali Bari Road, Shimla. The British had relocated the temple to this new site. The temple is famous for being one of the primary religious place of North India and occupies a special place among the Hindu devotees.

16. Annandale

Annandale is a flat green verdant open space in Shimla that has been earmarked as the playground of the capital city of Shimla. The ground is extensively used for playing sports, especially to play cricket. Other sports and games that are held here can be cited as Golf and Polo. This serene and beautiful location is ideal for family picnics too. Also, several other adventure activities can be availed here.

The Annadale ground is famous since British rule. The Britishers used this area actively to play sports like conducting races, playing cricket and polo. Entertainment and social activities too were organized in large numbers during those ancient times. Annandale is also located at the heart of the city about 3 kilometres away from the famous Ridge area of Shimla. It is easily accessible from any point in Shimla via private vehicles, public and private buses and other common modes of transport.

Annandale offers captivating and picturesque view of the city of Shimla and its surrounding hills and meadows. The area is covered by tall and majestic deodar and oak trees. It falls under the jurisdiction and supervision of the Indian army.

17. Johnnie’s Wax Museum

Shimla now has an added feather in its tourism cap in the form of a new museum known as Johnnie’s Wax Museum. It was established by a company called MBM Brothers in the year 2016. The main purpose behind constructing the wax museum was to exhibit the wax statues of famous personalities.

Till date, the museum has been able to add a total of 16 wax statues of different personalities belonging to the Bollywood glitter or the Hollywood glamour regime. It also houses several eminent personalities from Indian and international sports genre. Some of the statues can be identified as Daniel Radcliffe, Mahatma Gandhi, Narendra Modi, Lionel Messi, Tony Stark etc. Most of these statues have been carved by artists who have contributed to the famous museum of Madame Tussauds of London.

18. Summer Hill

Summer Hill is a major attraction of Shimla and is a coveted tourist spot of Shimla. Every year it sees lots of tourists who come to enjoy the majestic beauty of the quiet hills and the breath-taking prettiness all around. Summer Hill is situated at an altitude of 1283 metres above sea level. The aura and grandeur of the place can be felt within easy reach of Shimla. Summer Hill is located on the route that passes through from Shimla towards Kalka. Summer Hill is approximately 5 kilometres away from the Ridge Road of Shimla, which is the most happening and bustling centre of Shimla. Summer Hill has a peaceful look and is a nature lover’s delight. The place is surrounded by the lofty Himalayan ranges, which gives it a breath-taking aura. Take a leisurely stroll among the lush green settings. Summer Hill makes for quite a romantic getaway and also attracts a lot of honeymoon couples. The giant deodars add to the charm of the surroundings. The snow-clad beauty of the gigantic icy peaks make for a majestic backdrop.

19. Chadwick Waterfall

The Chadwick Waterfall tumble down from a height of 86 metres and forms a huge mesmeric watery beauty. The scenic beauty all around is alluring and the thick green scented alpines and dense forests of pine and deodar create a thick woody beauty that any city dweller would die for. The waterfall is tremendously refreshing and makes for a serene break after you have been to all the bustling tourist spots of Shimla. This attraction is different in essence and helps you unwind and relax. The surrounding deep forest around the Chadwick Waterfall is easily reachable from the busy town of Shimla. This waterfall lies at a distance of merely 7 kilometres from Shimla and about 4 kilometres from the gorgeous and popular tourist location of Summer Hill.

Chadwick falls was known famously as ‘Chidku Jhaar’. Jhaar here stands for waterfall and ‘Chidku’ locally means bird. It was named such because the fall has such stupendous height that the local people believed that only a bird can reach to the top of the Falls. Britishers rechristened it as ‘Chadwick Falls’ giving it a Western incarnation.

20. Shaily Peak

Shaily Peak is picturesque and surrounded by lush green forests. It has the magnificent Himalayan ranges at its background and this makes it a wonderful tourist attraction who visit Shimla and its nearby locations to enjoy the stunning beauty of some of the highest ranges of the world. Shaily Peak is conveniently located approximately 23 kilometres from Naldehra. Shaily Peak can be reached only through a trek of around 8 kilometres and is therefore a trekker’s delight. One can hire a pony ride if one is not comfortable enough to hike all the way to the peak. Shaily Peak is surrounded by dense forests. Hiking along the rocky trails to reach the peak makes for a hearty adventure and the exceptional beauty of the region makes it an admirable location of nature photography. The Peak is accessible all-round the year and is visited all through the year by tourists coming from various parts of the world. The peak offers fantastic sunrise and sunset views and morning time is ideal for visit.

21. Shimla State Museum

Shimla State Museum resembles an old Victorian mansion and carries a lot of old-world charm. It has been designed with care to give it the feel of a real-world museum. The Shimla State Museum houses the Indian government officials. It was inaugurated on January 26, 1974. The museum does a wonderful job of preserving the rich ancient heritage of the days of yore. It nurtures and preserves the ancient artistry, history, archaeology, culture, tradition and all other human and natural works for passing on the ancient legacy to the future generations. The museum is located on a solitary crest of a beautiful hill named Inveram. The ideal visiting hour of the museum is between 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening. Also, it is to be noted that the Museum remains closed once weekly, that is, on all Mondays and is also closed on Gazetted holidays.

22. Manjathal Sanctuary

Manjathal Sanctuary offers a rich biodiversity. It is famous for a wide variety of unique flora and fauna. Manjathal Sanctuary is a haven for all the wildlife enthusiasts. The location is bereft of any major human construction to protect and preserve the richness and sanctity of the sanctuary. The natural beauty of the place is overwhelming and it is a fun place for young and old alike who would revel in the excitement of spotting mesmerizing variety of plants and animals. There are also camping facilities to be enjoyed in the vicinity if anybody is interested in spending a few days absolutely rooted to the spirit of the jungle, mountains, hills and forests. The Sanctuary is tucked neatly in the folds of rugged Himalayan terrain. Manjathal Sanctuary is easily accessible as it is located on the Shimla-Bilaspur Highway at Solan district of Shimla. This sanctuary holds continual interest of the nature enthusiasts as it harbours various endangered animal species. To name a few is the Goral or the typical mountain goat and Cheer Pheasant. Some of the species found here in this sanctuary are under special protection and conservation of the International Union of Conservation of Nature.

23. Tara Devi Temple

Tara Devi Temple is a religious and popular haunt of Hindu devotees. It is visited by one and all nonetheless as a general tourist spot. It is a revered destination and can be reached by a 20 kilometre journey by road from Shimla. It falls on the Kalka-Shimla highway and thus is easily accessible. Like most mountain temples, this temple is located on the hill summit that commands a mesmerizing view of the mountains and valleys all around. This temple as the name suggests is dedicated to Goddess Tara by the local people.

24. Naggar Castle

The Naggar Castle is situated 22 kilometres from the famous town of Kullu and was built by the famous ancient king Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu in the year 1460 A.D. The view from the castle’s balcony is captivating and makes your visit worth. The small town of Naggar is charming and a quiet pace and is situated by the banks of river Beas. The uninterrupted views of the lush green valleys and mountains sooth the tired eyes and is boon to the weary soul of city dwellers who delve deep into the heart of the mountains to earn a few days of peace and solitude. A complete tour of the castle along with enjoying the scenic beauty of the castle surroundings make for a 2-3 hours visit.

25. Lakkar Bazaar

Lakkar Bazaar is synonym with the concept of Shimla shopping. The Lakkar Bazaar of Shimla is approachable easily from the hub of Shimla while one is enjoying the bustling locales of the Mall Road or the famous Ridge area. Lakkar Bazaar as the name indicates is a place where you enjoy shopping of a breath-taking variety of wooden articles such as wooden toys, walking sticks, household items, decorative articles, mementos and more. It is a shopper’s paradise where you can find almost everything you would want to buy while on a vacation to a hill town. It is one of the busiest markets of Shimla and is filled with hustle and bustle all through the day from morning to night.

26. Gurudwara Sahib

This Gurudwara is an ancient one and dates back to the year 1907. It is situated at Padhawa Hills. The Gurudwara forms a frequented tourist spot of Shimla. The interiors as well as exteriors of the gurudwara has fine architectural details in the form of fine carvings on the walls. The devotees hold this place of worship with utmost reverence. So this place is a wonderful amalgamation of architectural splendour and religious faith. It remains open to tourists on all days of the week.

27. Gorton Castle

Gorton Castle was constructed way back in the year 1904. It is another added charm of the British colonial architectural impression that was the former ‘Summer capital of India.’ This is a gothic style architectural splendour that was conceptualized by the notable British architect of pre-independence era, Sir Swinton Jacob.

One very interesting aspect of the designing is the adaption of the “Rajasthani Jallis” that form a designing marvel of the castle balconies. It is a three-storey building that has 125 rooms of various sizes.

28. Sankat Mochan Temple

Sankat Mochan Temple is a religious haunt for the pilgrims of Hindu faith and is frequented by ardent devotees all through the year. This temple is the second most visited religious place after Jakhu Temple of Shimla. This temple is located at a distance of around 8 kilometres from Shimla. It was established in the year 1950. The temple is dedicated to Ramayana famous Lord Rama, Hindu God Lord Shiva and Hanuman jee. Feel the peace of the Temple premises along with the serenity of the mountain location when you visit this temple complex. It is a place to enjoy some undisturbed moments of quietude and solace. Mediate, pray and be at one with yourself.

29. Bantony Castle

Bantony Castle is a heritage site that is located on the Bantony Hill. This destination is usually a part of the visited spots during the Shimla heritage walk conducted for tourists. The estate houses the regal Bantony Castle and the Bantony Cottage. The property has sprawling lush green lawns and the buildings are made of wood. Currently, the Bantony Castle has been overtaken by the Himachal government and it is being revamped to maintain its ancient charm.

30. St. Michael’s Cathedral Catholic Church

St. Michael’s Cathedral Catholic Church was established way back in the Victorian period approximately around the year 1886. The interiors of the church demonstrates a fine touch of French-gothic style architecture. The immense size of the church can be ascertained by the fact that at any one time it can accommodate around 400 worshipers in its central prayer hall area. It is certainly an important structure upholding the faith of Christianity and is a must visit if you are interested in the splendour of Neo-Gothic architectural style.

31. Army Heritage Museum

The Army Heritage Museum is located in the Annandale region and is located near the famous Ridge area of Shimla. No Shimla trip can be complete without a visit to this picturesque picnic spot. The museum exhibits a moderate range of collectibles that are associated with the Indian Army in some way or the other. Among the articles displayed here at the museum hall you will find information on life histories of great Indian warriors, some old items of weapons and ammunition. The exhibits have been preserved well is cases and this museum shall be a delight to the history lovers.

32. Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Indian Institute of Advanced Study contains photographs of various moments of interaction between the famous Indian leaders and eminent personalities and Britishers. In the pre-independence era, this building was the summer retreat to the Viceroy of the British occupied India. To know the history in full length, you are advised to take a guided tour of the galleries. Then you shall be able to have typical insights into the exceptional events of history such as the Shimla conference. Most of the events will be made to come to life through effective narration supported by photographs.

33. Kamna Devi Temple

Kaman Devi Temple is a Hindu place of worship located on the peak very famous Prospect Hill. The vicinity commands a very picturesque panorama of serene meadows and valleys, mountains and forests, skies and snow. It is easily accessible from Boileauganj located on the Shimla-Bilaspur Road. The road distance of the temple is around 6 kilometres from Shimla. As is obvious from the name of the temple, it is dedicated to the Hindu Deity Kamna Devi who is believed to be an incarnation of the famous and valiant Goddess Kali.

34. Rani Jhansi Park

Rani Jhansi Park is a scenic destination of ample natural beauty and is mostly frequented by families looking for a peaceful day out. The park can be easily accessed from the famous Mall Road of Shimla. The park offers an excellent location for children to play around carefreely. It also houses a huge statue of the brave Rani Lakshmi Bai riding her horse carrying her sword. Some historical information regarding the events related to Rani Lakshmi Bai’s life and valour is etched on the granite positioned beside the statue.

35. Narkanda

Narkanda is a quaint and beautiful hill town located approximately 60 kilometres from Shimla. It can be reached via the highway leading from Shimla to Kinnaur. Narkanda is a high altitude mountain destination, cool and serene. Its height is 8100 feet above sea level. The long and winding mountain road leading to Narkanda from Shimla makes for a complete 2-hour journey. The whole town can be viewed from a distance across the hills from another small hill station in the periphery of Shimla, called Fagu. Narkanda forms a strategic stopover for tourist travelling to the mythically enchanting distant destinations of Lahual and Spiti valleys via Shimla.

36. Baba Bhalku Railway Museum

Baba Bhalku Railway museum as the name indicates makes for a knowledgeable touring for knowing more about the reasons behind construction of rail line till Shimla. The museum is delightful and transports one back to the British era forcing the visitor to put the thinking caps on and visualize the time when the rail head of Shimla was built. Several machines and engines are proudly on display. Also items like umbrellas, coats and caps etc. are still kept preserved in the museum that belonged to the olden times when the rail line was built and these items were left in the waiting room by the commuters of yore. The museum also carries the rich legacy of innumerable interesting stories related to this construction of the Railway line and the ways in which the action and plan was a life-changing decision for the people of Shimla and around, in those days and its lingering impact even today.

37. Tattapani

Tattapani is a charming hot water spring destination which is located approximately 60 kilometres from Shimla and makes for a major tourist place in Shimla. Tattapani is held in awe for the artificial catchment area that is serene and picturesque location. The hot water springs of Tattapani are believed to have healing powers and tourists flock in large numbers with a desire to get treated for gout, joint pains, skin ailments, digestion problems and more. The adventure activities of river rafting and rock climbing are special attractions of this location. Tattapani is spread beside the famous Sutlej River which adds several degrees of additional beauty to the entire valley.

38. Pabbar Valley

Pabbar Valley lies ahead of Shimla and can be accessed from Theog a hill station on the way to Shimla. Pabbar Valley is essentially beautiful on account of its charming and gurgling meandering streams, lush green hill slopes and spellbinding fruit orchards. It has innumerable trekking trails and is therefore a trekker’s paradise. There are still several trekking trails that are yet to be explored. The valley is also the home of the famous temple of Hatkoti that draws significant number of pilgrims during festivals and also generally around the year.

39. Jakhu Ropeway

The ropeway is a thrilling ride popular with all the young and old alike. The ropeway measures a total journey distance of 8 kilometres from the Ridge area of Shimla and reaches the summit of the Jhaku Hills to reach the Jakhu Temple. The ropeway has made Jhaku temple easily accessible to common people who can now easily avoid the steep climb or hike up the Jhakoo Hill to reach the Jhakoo temple. The ropeway is suspended at a height of 8054 feet above sea level and commands some gorgeous views of the valley spread below. The ropeway has luxurious and robust cabins that were imported from Switzerland and makes for a secure and enjoyable ride. It is a sheer delight to cover the air-borne aerial distance while you chat, talk and enjoy the splendid natural beauty all around.

40. Rothney Castle

Rothney Castle was the house of the famous personality named A.O. Hume. He was a notable political reformer and was also an acclaimed and extremely knowledgeable ornithologist. Rothney Castle can be described as an architectural splendour bearing the legacy and charm of the British colonial era and is comfortably located on the famous Jakhu hills which is in turn very well known for the Jakhu Temple, a prominent landmark of the capital of Himachal, Shimla.

The house boasts of extraordinary sceneries and green landscapes and is one of the major Shimla tourist places.

41. Prospect Hill

Prospect hill is gorgeous with green widely stretched meadows, numerous gushing streams and forested and woody valleys. Prospect Hill is particularly significant for the Hindu devotees who hold the deity Goddess Kamna Devi in veneration and awe. The hill carries innumerable mythological stories that has got woven around it and is popular among the local people. The temple along with the scenic beauty calls for a visit to this place.

42. Hawa Ghar

Hawa Ghar is one of a kind of tourist destination in Shimla. It opens up lavish panoramic views of Shimla spread across the undulating hill slopes from its an open balcony. It is located close to the heart of Shimla at the Ridge close to the Lakkar Bazaar. The height that it commands in the vicinity makes it eligible to the wonderful views of charming Shimla town.

43. Hip Hip Hurray Amusement Park

This wonderful destination is a unique amusement park built in the modern lines and located in Kufri at a height of 8500 feet above sea level. The park is a delight to visit for youngsters as it offers a wide range of activities like Burma Bridge, Flying Fox, Rock climbing, Commando Net, Bumping boats, Rowing and Valley crossing and a host of other serious and exciting adventures.

In the winters, the amusements park opens up with added attractions of snow activities and one can enjoy ice skating on the snow-covered slopes. The park has multi-cuisine restaurants to cater to all the food lovers and also coffee shops. It also exhibits a range of local handloom work, weaving, knitting etc. through some local shops. It has a telescope that offers incredible views of the distant valleys spread around. It is a charming attraction to have a nice family time while vacationing in Shimla.

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