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    Popular Sikkim Honeymoon Packages 

    Name of the Packages Price (Rs.) Trip duration View Details
    Northeast India Honeymoon 19,999 4 Nights View Details
    Splendours & valleys Honeymoon 24,999 5 Night View Details
    Gangtok Pelling And Darjeeling Honeymoon 22,999 6 Nights View Details
    The Himalayan Week Honeymoon Package 29,999 7 Nights View Details
    Sojourn in Nature’s Lap Honeymoon 31,999 8 Nights View Details
    Name of the Packages Price (Rs.) Trip Duration View Details
    Alluring Gangtok Honeymoon  14,999   3 Nights View Details 
    Darjeeling & Gangtok Honeymoon  17,999   4 Nights View Details 
    Amazing North East Honeymoon  19,999   5 Nights View Details 
    Luxurious North East – Honeymoon  27,999   6 Nights View Details 
    Sikkim & Darjeeling Honeymoon  29,999   7 Nights View Details 

    Sikkim honeymoon package from New jalpaiguri

    Sikkim, a tiny piece of paradise nestled away in India’s northeast, is the preferred destination for mountain enthusiasts and ardent hikers. This article discusses the different ways that passengers might respond to the following inquiries: How do you go to Sikkim? Sikkim is known for its kaleidoscopic beauty and mesmerising natural appeal, but it also offers a wide range of adventurous sports. So travel to Sikkim if you enjoy hills, positive energy, and the great outdoors. Read More

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    Rohtang Pass

    Romantic Gateway Himachal Honeymoon

    3 Nights / 4 Days
    Availability : Gangtok 3N → Darjeeling 1N
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      Popular Sikkim Honeymoon Packages

      Top Things to do on your Holiday to Sikkim

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Where in Sikkim are the best spots for paragliding and hang gliding?

        In Sikkim, paragliding is a popular activity that delivers an unforgettable experience that you will never forget. Sikkim is steadily becoming known as a popular paragliding location in the nation. A large number of travellers and thrill-seekers travel to Sikkim to parachute and hang glide. It has some excellent launch ridges and locations for the best paragliding and hand gliding in India. Hang gliding is similar to paragliding. Although the two activities use different equipment, they provide similar pleasures.

        Special Fly Packages consist of:

        • Low-Cost Flight Packages
        • Low Flying Packages
        • Alpine Vacation Packages
        • City tours and paragliding

        Which Sikkim rock climbing excursions are the most well-known?

        Rock climbing is a thrilling activity, but it comes with risk, excitement, and a rush when you are standing directly on top of the cliff. It is quite strenuous and demands a lot of endurance, knowledge, and steely nerves to help you read the walls so you can choose the best way to climb. The top rock-climbing excursions include:

        • Goechala Trek
        • Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek
        • Kasturi Orar Round Trek
        • Dzongri Trek
        • Sandakphu Trek
        • Varsey Trek

        What are some well-known chopper trips in Sikkim?

        While exploring Sikkim by foot is a lot of fun, you may also experience some of the most well-known helicopter trips, including the following:

        • A 15-minute airborne tour is offered by Joy Ride Gangtok.
        • Flight to the Kanchendzonga Mountains, which is a chartered flight. About Rs 1200 per minute is the cost of this chartered flight.
        • Journeys for Worship: will transport you to the Char Dham-Tathangata Tsal-Samdruptse-Sai Mandir Tsomgo Aerial Flights: Four passengers would pay about Rs. 18,990.
        • From Bagdogra to Gangtok, helicopter rides are available every day.

        Which Sikkim caves are renowned and worth visiting?

        Among the well-known caverns that visitors to Sikkim must explore are the following:

        • The most revered of them is the North Lha-ri-nying phu, also known as God’s Hill and located in west Sikkim.
        • The South Kah-do-sang phu, also known as the occult fairies’ cave, is a location of hot springs that can be reached by foot and is located across the Rangit River.
        • Between the Tendong and Maenam hills is where you’ll find the East Pe Phu, also called the Secret Caves.
        • Near Dzongri, the West De-chhen phu, also known as the Cave of Great Happiness, is accessible with some effort. Only in the autumn, when snow is absent, is it accessible.

        Where in Sikkim can I take part in the renowned ropeway tours?

        Another popular activity that draws visitors from across the world to Sikkim are ropeway excursions. If you’re in Gangtok, you should ride the cable car at the Deorali Market ropeway, which is called Gangtok Ropeway – Great Cable Car Ride.

        Which Sikkim neighbourhoods are the finest for a shopping tour?

        Every trip should include some shopping, or you might argue that the trip wouldn’t be complete without it. Any Cottage Industry in Gangtok, as well as the Dalai Lama Fund shop within the Hotel Tibet, carry the regional handicrafts of Sikkim, which are a must-buy. In addition to handicrafts, you may purchase jewellery, thankas, prayer wheels, rugs, Tibetan carpets, and canvas wall hangings to give as gifts to your loved ones. The distinctive dragon set would be a great option from Sikkim. Famous tea and cardamoms from Sikkim may also be purchased.

        What are Sikkim's top food tours?

        The gastronomy and culture of Sikkim, as well as its popular drink, food, eating, and cooking methods, are very remarkable and introduce us to the state’s customs and culture.

        Among the must-try traditional and regional foods are:

        • Momos: These are wheat-based dumplings that are steamed and filled with cheese, minced meat, veggies, or both.
        • Thukpa is a delicious soup with noodles, veggies, and pork.
        • Sinki and Gundruk Soup
        • Kinema Curry – This curry is prepared from soybeans and is often eaten with rice.
        • Sel Roti: A unique bread prepared from fermented rice and deep-fried.
        • Others include Mesu, Pakku (mutton curry), and Sishnu.

        When would be the ideal time to visit Sikkim and take part in its many fairs and festivals?

        The culture and customs of the nation are displayed during fairs and festivals. Sikkim also observes several fairs and festivals with a lot of fanfare. In Sikkim, Buddhist culture is predominant, and the bulk of the festivals are based on Buddhist practices and traditions. Despite the religious holidays, Sikkim’s tourist authority holds a variety of fairs throughout the year to showcase the state’s traditions and culture. The tourists may get a glimpse of Sikkimese culture through these festivities. The main festivals that you may attend whilst visit Sikkim are listed below.

        In March, there is the Khecheopalri Lake Festival, and in October, there is the Namchi Mahotsav.

        The Goecha La Trek is distinctive, but why? Just how difficult is it?

        Stunning scenery may be seen in the North East at Goecha La Trek. In the heart of Sikkim, it is a beautiful location. This pass is a lovely hiking destination for both visitors and trekkers due to its spectacular peaks and babbling streams running through length and width of meadows. While moving further toward Tsokha, Dzongri, and Bhakim, this adventurous journey passes through the stunning scenery of Sachen. An amazing view of Kanchenjunga and Pandim Peaks can be seen from the mysterious Dzongri. At a height of 16000 feet, you may enjoy a romantic and enchanted stroll through these beautiful green woodlands. One of the most romantic hiking locations is said to be there.

        NJP in Sikkim: what is it?

        The main rail hub nearest to Gangtok or the rest of Sikkim is NJP (New Jalpaiguri). There are numerous trains coming from all around India that stop at NJP. Most tourists take trains to Gangtok and disembark at NJP.

        What is the distance between NJP and Gangtok?

        NJP is located 124 kilometres from Gangtok.

        The ideal month to visit Sikkim is?

        According to SikkimTourism.Org, the ideal months to travel to Sikkim are either between March and May or mid-October to mid-December. Spring, from March to May, is the finest time to visit Gangtok if you want to see the region’s blossoming natural splendour.

        Is NJP the same as Siliguri?

        The largest city in North Bengal, Siliguri, also known as the gateway to northeast India, has NJP as its railway station.

        How much does a bus from NJP to Gangtok cost?

        Without a car, the best method to go from New Jalpaiguri Junction Station to Gangtok is by bus, which takes 4 hours and 39 minutes and costs between ₹250 and ₹460.

        Is Nathula Pass now accessible?

        You should first be aware that Nathula is only open from Wednesday through Sunday each week. The public can’t access it on Mondays or Tuesdays. Between May and October, when daytime highs range from 10 to 15°C, is a good time to travel. Snow, nevertheless, won’t typically fall during this period.

        Does any train exist between NJP and Gangtok?

        From Jalpaiguri (Station), there is no direct route to Gangtok. To go to Gangtok SNT Bus Station, you can take the bus from Siliguri SNT Bus Terminus after walking to Jalpaiguri, taking the train to Siliguri Jn, and then walking to Siliguri SNT Bus Terminus.