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Sikkim tour package from Lucknow

Sikkim tour package from Lucknow

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How to reach Lucknow

By train:

The Avadh Assam Express departs Lucknow every day. At New Jarpaigli Station, you can exit. To get to Gangtok, which is 90 kilometres from New Jalpaiguri, take a private or shared cab. By air, the closest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra Airport. Flying is an option from Lucknow to Bagdogra (about 4 hours). You can travel 125 kilometres to Gangtok from Bagdogra by shared taxi or private vehicle rental. You’ll have plenty to do on the two-hour trip from Bagdogra to Gangtok thanks to the endlessly gorgeous scenery!

By car:

From Lucknow to Gangtok, the total driving distance is roughly 1020 km on Route 1, 1102 km on Route 2, and 1149 km on Route 3.

There are three options:

Route 1: From Lucknow, take the Rohia Pass to NH 230/NH30-Aralia-Jokihat Road via NH27-Chekarmari-Ranka Road and NH237-Gangtok.

Route 2: via NH27-NH122 Rangpo Road-Ranka Road-Gangtok through Lucknow-Lana Pratap Marg-Rohia Pass to NH230

Route 3: It connects Lucknow’s Raebareli Lucknow Road with NH 19 before connecting to SH 17 in Bihar’s Dariyawganj via NH 922-Garkha Chirand Road, NH 722-Jokihat Road, NH 27-Chekarmari, NH 237-Ranka Road, and Gantok.

Best time to travel from Lucknow to Sikkim

The finest seasons to visit Gangtok are in the spring and summer (March to June). You can take in breathtaking vistas of Kanchenjunga Island and the snow-covered mountains because the sky is typically clear. It turns out to be a perfect day for family activities for summer vacation because of the moderate and comfortable temperatures of these months! To celebrate the start of winter, October and November are a lot of fun. These months are ideal for sightseeing and other activities.

Things to do in Sikkim

Stargaze with your partner curled up next to you

How can one not take advantage of stargazing when in a hilly area? Sikkim offers a clear night sky with millions of stars for you to view, much like any other hilly area. If you decide to travel in the winter, the scenery will be a snow-capped mountain with stars shining just above you. This is one of the most romantic things to do in Sikkim, making it a great location for honeymooners.

View the city from above

A must-experience while visiting Sikkim is the ropeway. Any visitor, regardless of age, is welcome to participate in this thrilling event. With each sight, this activity provides the opportunity to marvel at the entire metropolis. The ideal circumstance is when a window-side position opens up. The views of the enormous valleys and magnificent mountains below are spectacular. Riding a ropeway is one of Sikkim’s best experiences.

Experience the air behind you

Cycling as a sport has a way of capturing your heart. When one is cycling in Sikkim, it is an amazing experience since one is breathing in pure oxygen, the sun is shining and the air is fresh. Numerous knowledgeable people in the city organise bike rides to increase the adventure and distinctiveness of the experience. Additionally, these businesses provide tourists with all the tools and need. The majority of bike trips in Sikkim also involve an overnight camping trip!

Increase the rush of adrenaline

Another of the most exhilarating activities in Sikkim is climbing the majestic mountains. The atmosphere of Sikkim is dominated by snow-capped hills, which entice travellers from all over the world seeking adventure. High-altitude Dzongri and Singalia are the perfect places for hikers to go on their travels. Hiking in Sikkim is a tonne of fun thanks to the open terrain, the towering, lush flora that forms a canopy over the trails, and the stunning Himalayan views.

Join the thrill now.

Bungee jumping might assist you in overcoming your worries, which is an essential component of being. One of the best adventure sports in Sikkim is bungee jumping since it raises the pulse and releases adrenaline. Imagine jumping from a height of 200 metres, hitting the ground with your head first, feeling the brisk wind on your face, and admiring the lush landscape below you before finding yourself suddenly suspended in midair! This is one of the sports that really encapsulates the rush of excitement. The views of the mountains clothed with vegetation are the icing on the cake.

Places to visit in Sikkim

Nathula Pass

For those who enjoy walking while in Sikkim, the Nathula Pass, at 14140 feet above sea level, is an excellent location. Tourists frequently visit the Sherathang Border Trade Market to purchase a variety of inexpensive Tibetan products. The Sikkim attraction is well-known to tourists. Kupup, a tiny town nearby, is close. It constantly remains in the clouds, and you’ll undoubtedly have a wonderful time. In addition, Nathula Pass offers a stunning vista.

Tsomgo Lake

One of the best sites to visit in Gangtok is Lake Tsomgo, commonly referred to as Lake Changu, a body of water with a glacier-like shape. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Sikkim is Lake Zomgo, which is situated at an elevation of 12310 feet. On the 38-kilometer route from Gangtok to Nathula Pass, there is a lake. It is renowned for its natural beauty and is one of India’s tallest lakes. A distinct memory is the sight of the surrounding, snow-covered hills as they are mirrored in Lake Zomgo. The lake is shaped like an egg and is about a kilometre long. Since winter is also the ideal time to visit Gangtok, explore Lake Tsomgo.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

With a height of more than 14,000 feet above sea level, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Sikkim and a shelter for all those who are daring. One of Sikkim’s most gorgeous regions is the Kanchenjunga range, and the two together make up one of the Himalayas’ most breathtaking portions. All of this is powerfully and clearly apparent from the base camp.

A trip here is worthwhile at least once in a lifetime because travellers can experience a true adventure by getting near to the third-highest mountain in the world.

Green Lake

Concentrate on the jade-green lake that is surrounded by snow-covered mountains and glaciers. Sikkim’s Green Lake is a destination that has yet to be found and is unrestricted. It serves as a base for climbers of Mount Kanchenjunga and the Zemu Glacier.

From Thangu village, the journey to Green Lake passes through the spectacular Kanchenjunga National Park, crossing the confluence of the Zemu Chu and Lachen Chu, two significant rivers in the region, offering breathtaking vistas of both.

Before starting your walk, you take a car from Gangtok to Lachen, passing through Thangu and Mangan. Keep an eye out for other animals since there may be a rare Red Panda nearby.

Yumthang valley

Meadows, yaks grazing by the uncontrolled Teesta River, and the numerous hot springs scattered among the high Himalayan hills are all sights to behold. The valley of flowers is located about 128 kilometres from Gangtok and is covered at a height of more than 11,000 feet above sea level. To ensure that you don’t miss out on the best of Gangtok, you may select from a choice of packages when booking one of our Gangtok Tours.

Visit the valley in late February or early March to witness the locals’ Losar holiday celebrations. Between April and June, the rhododendrons bloom and totally cover the valley.


Discover a picturesque, lesser-known community in South Sikkim by travelling there. It is tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas’ lofty mountains. The nearby summits of Kabru, Pandim, and Siniolchu, which are sister peaks of Kanchenjunga and reach elevations of about 8000 feet above sea level, have framed Ravangla’s settlement in breathtaking views.

The Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint, Temi Tea Garden, Relang Hot Springs, and Ralang Monasteries are a few of the surrounding attractions that may be of interest to travellers. These places, as well as Ravangla, can be reached by meandering, wonderfully beautiful roads.

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    What is the most cost-effective mode of transportation from Guwahati to Sikkim?

    Train and bus travel from Guwahati to Sikkim is the cheapest option, costing between 460 and 1,600 rupees and taking 11 hours and 26 minutes.

    What is the quickest way to go between Guwahati and Sikkim?

    The fastest way to get from Guwahati to Sikkim is to fly and take a taxi, which costs between 9,000 and 16,000 rupees and takes 5 hours and 9 minutes.

    What is the distance between Guwahati and Sikkim?

    Guwahati and Sikkim are 366 kilometres apart.

    Without a car, how can I go from Guwahati to Sikkim?

    Without a car, the best method to get from Guwahati to Sikkim is by rail and taxi, which takes 7 hours 52 minutes and costs between ₹1,500 and ₹2,800.

    What is the duration of the flight from Guwahati to Sikkim?

    There are no direct flights between Gauhati and Bagdogra airports. The shortest flight is 3h 50m long and includes one stopover

    Which airlines provide flights between Gauhati Airport and Bagdogra Airport?

    From Gauhati Airport to Bagdogra Airport, Spicejet, AirAsia India, GoAir, and two additional carriers fly.

    Where can I get a place to stay near Sikkim?

    In Sikkim, there are more than eight hotels to choose from. The nightly rate starts at ₹7,500.

    How can I go from Guwahati to Gauhati (GAU) Airport?

    The quickest and most cost-effective way to commute from Guwahati to Gauhati Airport is via cab, which takes 26 minutes and costs between 500 and 650 rupees.

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